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Supreme Court Decision Keeps Consumers in the Dark

A bedrock principle of classic micro-economic theory is that rational consumers will make better decisions when they have access to all the information that affects a transaction in a given market.  But in a head-snapping decision in favor of American Express, a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court ruled that consumers would be better off if they were not exposed …

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Private Label: Nourishing a Healthy Companion

I should confess that I hadn’t really given a lot of thought to private label brands for pet specialty retailers before I was contacted by Mark Kalaygian for this article in Pet Specialty Magazine – but I probably should have: it makes a lot of sense. A line of high-quality private label products can help not only to differentiate a retail …

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Qualitative research in fashion marketing

Moving from quantitative clues to qualitative insights in the fashion industry.

We are primarily a quantitative shop but we often we find it helps to use qualitative approaches to triangulate something we’ve found via a quantitative approach.

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Qualitative Research: an Endangered Species?

An advertising agency executive responds… If not dead, I think traditional qualitative is becoming an endangered species. I’ve seen enough bad practice in focus groups – often driven by agencies and clients who have no real understanding of either the purpose or process – to cause everyone to question why they should continue with qualitative research or whether it should be euthanized. The …

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