Our Clients

We can’t say enough good things about our clients. They’ve given us the opportunity to grow, to experiment, and to get involved in some pretty exciting stuff. (And to pay our bills…!) We wouldn’t be here without them … – StarPoint Consulting Group



Below is a partial list of our clients*…

  • Audi of America Brand and model positioning exercises; advertising strategy development; copy assessment; new model clinics; new vehicle prototype explorations; sales associate focus groups.
  • Volkswagen of America Brand and model positioning exercises; advertising strategy development; copy assessment; new model clinics; new vehicle prototype explorations.
  • Ford Motors Truck owner lifestyle exploration – in-depth qualitative.
  • General Motors (media planning) Truck owner media preferences; online qualitative studies of bloggers.
  • Toyota Motor Sales New model clinic; user needs qualitative for design brief.
  • Nissan North America Prototype vehicle assessment.
  • Car Men, DE Design “DNA” exploration for Mazda.


  • NTB Brand positioning explorations; assessment of promotional concepts; copy assessments.
  • Sears Automotive Brand positioning explorations; copy assessment; employee focus groups.
  • Tuffy Auto Centers  Brand positioning exploration.
  • DieHard Advertising concept explorations; new product concept explorations; brand extension assessment.
  • Gold Eagle New product concept assessments; advertising assessments; packaging concept assessments.


  • The Dial Corp Brand positioning studies; advertising development & assessment; new product development; test market monitoring; brand/product user segmentation studies; brand re-launch qualitative; new product concept explorations.
  • Johnson & Johnson New product concept exploration; expert ideation retreat.
  • Ubiquity Snack Foods Brand repositioning qualitative; new product concept explorations.
  • Clients* Brand positioning studies; new product concept development; new product concept screening; advertising strategy development; copy development qualitative.


  • Wachovia Bank Usability studies: online banking & bill pay, loan application process; customer service focus groups; advertising copy assessment; promotional concept explorations.
  • Microsoft Money Packaging development; user qualitative; GUI assessments; feature identification & optimization studies; new product explorations.
  • Assurant Health New policy feature development; individual and small business policy holder groups; agent online qualitative; new product ideation.
  • Discover Card  Brand positioning studies; advertising strategy; copy assessment; new feature explorations.


  • Hewlett-Packard New product concept explorations; target identification & profiling analyses; new product development; prototype assessments; user needs studies.
  • Microsoft New product concept explorations; target identification & profiling analyses; package development for consumer software products; feature optimization studies; software & website usability studies; user tracking studies.
  • US West/Qwest Cable & convergence studies; cable channel package studies; VOD assessment qualitative; online business listings exploration.
  • Imation New product concept explorations.


  • Craftsman Tools Advertising concept assessment; copy assessment; new product concept assessment; assessment of display designs; spokesperson persona development & deployment qualitative; Craftsman Club & website user focus groups.
  • Sears Hardware Stores Advertising concept assessments; store design & layout studies; shopper marketing studies.
  • Companion Tools Logo & packaging development studies; new product assortment studies.
  • WeatherBeater & EasyLiving Paints Advertising concept assessments; labeling & packaging design assessments.
  • Orchard Hardware Store design & layout studies; shopper marketing studies.


  • Client* A very large quick serve chain that wishes to remain anonymous.
  • Subway Restaurants – Chicago Owner/operator’s Advertising Co-op Development of advertising and promotional concepts; customer focus groups; analyses of same store sales data; analyses of growth in competitive outlets and impact on sales.


  • Sears Roebuck & Co. Assessment of advertising and promotional concepts; brand positioning studies; tagline assessments; consumer guidance with mainline advertising evolution; brand positioning studies for Craftsman, Kenmore, DieHard & WeatherBeater; analysis of promotional calendar; development of promotional event concepts; multiple studies of website content and GUI usability; multiple studies of “off-the-mall” concepts and regional tests.
  • Sports Authority Store redesign concept assessment; competitive shopping experience study; shopper loyalty program exploration.
  • Clients* In-store shopper marketing studies.


  • DDB/DDB Needham
  • Cramer Krasselt
  • Fusion Idea Lab
  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • J Walter Thompson
  • Leo Burnett
  • Akimbo
  • Blue Dog Design
  • Brandimage Desgrippes & LAGA
  • Frankel
  • Landor Associates
  • The Motus Group
  • Saatchi & Saatchi X
  • Schawk Marketing


  • WW Grainger Private label branding initiative; safety products initiative.
  • National Pork Board Perceptions of food safety AA&U; informed & engaged consumer identification and analysis.
  • Lindemans Wines Brand repositioning concept exploration; multiple label concept explorations.
  • Miller Brewing Advertising concept explorations; advertising copy assessments.
  • Bondo New product concept explorations.
  • St Ignatius College Prep Pro bono qualitative with parents of in-coming freshmen: perceptions of school image; reasons to choose.
  • Other Clients* In keeping with their brand and IP management policies, several of our clients have asked to remain anonymous.