What problem are we trying to solve…? – The Big Question


Focus on Engaged Users & Intenders When developing a design or a creative brief, we focus initially on the thoughts, feelings and preferences of the engaged category participants – current users and committed near-term intenders who have explored the existing options and have developed opinions in support of their preferences. Using their observations and comments we craft the objectives for a compelling design – one that is both distinctive and inherently appealing for its target audience.

Multiple Techniques We have multiple approaches conducting research in support of a design/creative brief:

  • For clean sheet design projects, we have developed a specific technique, q-PFO, that encourages potential users to generate a conceptual model of their “ideal” product while imposing realistic constraints on resources and product cost. (Link to q-PFO)
  • For updates, new versions or new models of existing products & services, we recommend an in-depth competitive assessment of both the client’s product and its perceived main competitors. We focus on attribute/benefit delivery, usability/functionality and overall appeal.
  • Design objective research can be performed via on-site observations (in-home, in office, in car, etc.), a series of shop-alongs or in-store interviews, or a specifically designed product clinic – the choice depending on the project requirements.

A Joint Workshop As a final step we conduct an interactive workshop with the client product development team to explain our findings and to highlight the specific user comments or behaviors that underlay them.  Working together we frame the design/creative brief.

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