“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from     magic “– Arthur C. Clarke



Once viewed as the exclusive sandbox for young, male geeks and office workers, the technology category has exploded to engage consumers across most demographic and life-stage segments. We were fortunate to start working in the field in the mid-90s and to have participated in the process ever since. Here are some examples of our work in this category…

Design & Usability

  • New product concept assessments.
  • Feature selection and feature set optimization studies.
  • Prototype design assessments – North America, Europe & Asia.
  • Usability studies: hardware prototypes, consumer software, websites.

Target Identification

  • Proprietary panel studies of specific user groups.
  • Development of behavioral profiles to identify targets for new product concepts.

New Product Development We have been involved in multiple clean sheet design exercises for a well-known consumer technology company. In addition to generating several successful new products, these efforts produced two of our unique qualitative techniques for new product development:


  • Hewlett-Packard New product concept explorations; target identification & profiling analyses; new product development; prototype assessments; user needs studies.
  • Microsoft New product concept explorations; target identification & profiling analyses; package development for consumer software products; feature optimization studies; software & website usability studies; user tracking studies.
  • US West/Qwest Cable & convergence studies; cable channel package studies; VOD assessment qualitative; online business listings exploration.
  • Imation New product concept explorations.