To swear off making mistakes is very easy. All you have to do is swear off having ideas. – Leo Burnett


The best time to weigh the potential impact of your creative properties is while they are still under development. Don’t wait for a copy test, an eye scanner or an algorithm to tell you if you’re on the right track. Rather, use those rough sketches and other work-in-progress as thought-starters in an ongoing dialogue with your customer, client or prospect. In the process you will quickly discover what clicks and why… A qualitative communications check provides the ideal workshop for transforming rough ideas into mature concepts

Creative Development/StarPoint Consulting Group

Communications Checks Our qualitative communications checks do not produce scores or grades for work in process. Rather, our intent is to help you anticipate how the intended audience will respond to each of the alternative approaches you are considering. Our communications checks focus on:

  • Message clarity and potential areas of confusion – To what extent are your key messages being recognized by your core target groups? Are there distractions or miscues in the language or presentation that are obstructing the message?
  • Levels of main point communication – How well are your key messages being understood?
  • Perceived relevance of message and medium – Does the target audience resonate to your message?
  • Perceived distinctiveness or uniqueness – Are the message and the creative approach seen as original?
  • Perceived fit with brand – Will the creative approach reinforce, enhance or extend key brand equities?
  • Level of engagement – To what extent is the audience drawn in to the graphic elements, the characters, the storyline or any of the other devices used in the presentation?

Fueling the Creative Process We can help both you and your creative teams identify the most promising concepts by weighing the relative communications potential of the creative approaches under consideration. We work with you to assess the communications potential of each alternative and – ideally – to identify the break-through concept. Our communications check process is described in more detail here

We have been helping creative teams develop great advertising, promotion concepts, packages and displays for over 20 years. We would love to become the newest member of your team.

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