A great talent, sailing in the wrong direction will, like the lost pilot breaking the speed record, reach the wrong destination all the more quickly. – Bill Bernbach


Developing a sound communications strategy is the essential first step regardless of the creative vehicles or media mix that you may eventually select. Like the positioning platform on which it should rest, the communications strategy serves to focus and direct your efforts by coordinating the activities of every member of your marketing team.

Strategy Development/StarPoint Consulting Group

Elements of a Communications Strategy With our approach, we can help you determine what should be communicated, to whom and how it should be conveyed.

We have a specific approach for developing communications strategies that will help you:

  • Establish clear marketing and communications objectives for the program.
  • Identify and describe your most important target groups: profile their distinguishing characteristics – including the nature of their involvement with the category and their expectations for your brand, product or service.
  • Clearly specify the unique and enduring benefit to the client, customer or consumer that flows from acquiring, using or possessing your brand, product or service.
  • Pinpoint the features and functions of your brand, product or service that generate positive responses and – most importantly – provide solid “reasons to believe” the benefit claim.
  • Specify an authentic and appealing personality profile your brand, product or service that both summarizes its character and captures the nature of its intended relationship with the target consumer.
  • Identify the media vehicles and formats most likely to engage the core target groups.
  • Identify the unifying images, messages, actions or brand conclusions that should follow from every brand or product communication impression – regardless of media or format.
  • Specify the unique actions (or conclusions to be drawn) that should result from exposure to specific brand messages or media vehicles – e.g., TV, print, social, outdoor, in-store, etc.
  • Summarize your communications strategy in a clear, concise statement that can be shared with all members of the marketing and creative teams working for your brand.

Immersion & Collaboration Our approach is both collaborative and information intensive. We start with by immersing ourselves in the existing brand, product and consumer research; where gaps are discovered, we may recommend new research initiatives. We then interview key stake-holders within your organization as well as among your customers, clients or distributors – as appropriate. Finally, this background information is collated, condensed and packaged for review in a series of brief workshops where, jointly, we develop a comprehensive, integrated communications strategy.

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