“I just want to know where my money is going…” – Perplexed Female Head of Household



We have been talking with consumers about their household finances since the re-launch of a major consumer credit card in the late-80s. Since then we have worked in credit cards; consumer banking; desktop and online financial management tools; and insurance. Sometimes it pays to be persistent. Here are some examples of our work in this category…

  • Brand positioning and product/service positioning.
  • Brand identity and logo assessment.
  • Concept development & testing for new products & services.
  • Advertising concept development and copy assessment.
  • Advertising tracking and customized AA&U studies.
  • Behavioral segmentation and segment profile analyses.
  • Assistance with design of direct mail pieces and related promotional efforts.
  • GUI design assessment, feature optimization and usability assessments for personal financial management software and websites.
  • Assessment of customer loyalty programs.
  • Agent online qualitative and agent outreach initiatives


  • Wachovia Bank Usability studies: online banking & bill pay, loan application process; customer service focus groups; advertising copy assessment; promotional concept explorations.
  • Microsoft Money Packaging development; user qualitative; GUI assessments; feature identification & optimization studies; new product explorations.
  • Assurant Health New policy feature development; individual and small business policy holder groups; agent online qualitative; new product ideation.
  • Discover Card Brand positioning studies; advertising strategy; copy assessment; new feature explorations.