Qualitative Research Services

At this point it’s possible to do qualitative on just about any topic, in almost any venue, with just about any target group. Execution isn’t the problem. The problem is keeping the client team invested in the process. If it starts to feel boring, they’ll stop showing up; if the final report is 50 pages of quotes, they won’t read it… – Marketing Director, B2B Hardlines Marketing Organization

Qualitative Research

Getting to the Point in a Hurry… At StarPoint, many of us were trained in an environment where we had 30 seconds or less to make our case, so we understand the need to keep it interesting and get right to the point.

  • We keep our qualitative projects interesting in the field with original approaches and imaginative tasks.
  • We make them interesting and actionable on the back end by focusing on the key insights and their implications for actionable next steps.

Qualitative Research: A Core Component of our Program Questions of perception, language and culture are of critical importance to the formation of any successful marketing campaign. Because qualitative research techniques are ideally suited to studying these issues, we have developed a special practice in the application of several specific techniques.

How the Consumer Interprets Your Marketing Message

Communications Tests This simple diagnostic interview goes straight to the core of how well a marketing message is communicated and how consumer beliefs are formed and modified. The communications test is often the quickest and most cost effective method for determining which of several creative approaches best delivers your intended message. Learn more here…

Effectively Communicating the Key Product Features & Benefits

Product Concept Checks A qualitative concept check is probably the most cost-effective way of determining whether your new product concept is well-conceived, easily communicated and resonates with the intended target group. Whether done in-person or online, this diagnostic probe will immediately highlight any problems with wording, presentation, perceived logical linkages and unintended missteps in presentation. Learn more here…

Creating a User Experience that Informs & Delights

Usability Research Designing an engaging and graceful interactive user interface is hard – but smoothing out the user experience doesn’t have to be. Like other forms of qualitative com-checks, a qualitative usability check is a quick, inexpensive method for identifying – and correcting – the subtle miscues and hidden flaws in a great design. Learn more here…

How the Consumer Perceives Your Brand

Brand Personality Profiles Managing a brand’s identity starts with identifying the collection of metaphors – action terms, relationships, descriptors, expectations – that define the brand and the category in which it competes. For this task, projective techniques are the method of choice and we have developed a specific technique to probe those crucial “back-of-mind” associations. Learn more here…

From Thinking About Shopping to Buying A Specific Product

Shopper Marketing Research We operate on the experiential side of shopper marketing research with a particular focus on how the consumer frames the task, selects information and then charts a mental map to facilitate the shopping process. Learn more here…

A Flexible Approach to Qualitative Research After carefully considering your RFP and your stated research needs, we will select a qualitative approach, a format and a venue that will best meet your information requirements. We may recommend onsite observations, individual interviews, couples interviews, small group sessions or a series of classic focus groups. Online or in-person… Regardless of the choice, we will offer a specifically crafted research design and a rationale for our choice.

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