“What can we do to ensure that our customer gets to the right spot in the store and then selects our product at the shelf … ? “– CPG Brand Manager


The Growing Importance of Shopper Marketing Research The splintering of the media market, the relentless introduction of new products and the growth in promotional spending have placed a spotlight on the tactical demands of turning “shoppers” walking the aisles into “buyers” at checkout.

Like many of our colleagues, we were doing shopper marketing research long before the term became popular. In our work, we focus on the consumer-centered aspects of the extended process.


From Developing Promotional Offers to Improving Store Designs We can help you explore the key consumer touch-points in the shopper marketing process – from the moment the shopping list begins to form in your consumer’s minds to the moment when she or he enters the check-out line.

  • We have done countless communications checks on pre-prints and promotional offers for major marketers.
  • We have helped to design in-store displays, navigational aids, at-shelf interrupters and improved pricing information.
  • We have worked on structuring promotional calendars and clarifying promotional language.
  • We have interviewed shoppers in-store as they worked through their list and discovered (or ignored!) new products and new displays.
  • We have helped major marketers re-design entire departments to improve traffic flow, enhance consumer engagement in the shopping experience and increase sales.

Shopping is a Process – With a Map Shopping is a process. It starts with the recognition of a need, a shopping list, or an interesting promotional offer. If we’re successful, the process ends with a sale at check out. But there is a mental map underneath the process that highlights information needs and possible points of intervention. We can help you identify the contours of the mental map that leads a potential buyer to – or away from – your product.

With our in-store shop-alongs and our purchase process modeling technique we will help you map the shopping process from start to finish. And we would be delighted to help!

For information about our purchase process modeling technique, click here