Maintaining a distinctive and compelling voice while navigating across a fractured media landscape is a continuing challenge. The trick is to make sure you are heading in the right direction at the outset. We can help…

Communications Support Services/StarPoint Consulting Group

We offer assistance at three critical stages in the development and implementation of a marketing communications program:

  • The development of an insightful communications strategy,
  • The identification of effective and appealing creative properties and,
  • The design and implementation of a research program to monitor the impact of your communications initiative.

Strategy Development We have an approach for communications strategy development that is both collaborative and information intensive. This multi-layered methodology has been used extensively to drive numerous, successful marketing campaigns. With this approach we can help you determine what should be communicated, to whom and how it should be conveyed. Click here for more information

Creative Development For over 20 years we have been helpings clients and their creative teams develop effective and engaging creative properties for award winning marketing campaigns. Using rough materials, including work-in-progress, and qualitative techniques we can help you determine which of several creative directions under development is most likely both to communicate your intended messages and to strike a responsive chord with your core audiences. Furthermore we focus on prescriptive diagnostics rather than “scores”: we’ll tell you why specific approaches are working and how they might be improved. Click here for more information.

Impact Assessment As you prepare to launch your communications program we can design and implement a specifically-tailored research program to monitor the impact of your marketing investment. Depending on your program objectives, we can tell you how broadly your program is being recognized, how well your key messages are being played back by members of your core audience and how closely brand attitudes and purchase intentions are tracking with actual sales indicators. Click here for more information.