Research Capabilities


We are an evidenced-based marketing consultancy. Observation is our starting point and we are equally comfortable with qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

Our Unique Capabilities

Innovative Approaches to Solving Unique Client Challenges

Research Capabilities/StarPoint Consulting GroupSometimes There’s A Better Approach… Most major research suppliers have big panels and sophisticated online tools but limited flexibility with research design and client staffing. If your problem doesn’t fit within one of their standardized approaches, you may be left with an awkward compromise.

We have much greater flexibility and are prepared to design or develop an approach that is uniquely suited to address your marketing challenges. In fact, if there’s one area where we consistently outshine the competition, it’s in the design and implementation of innovative approaches that solve unique client challenges.

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Qualitative Research Services

Keep it Interesting and Get to the Point. Quickly.

Research Capabilities/StarPoint Consulting GroupQualitative That Engages & Inspires. At StarPoint, many of us were trained in an environment where we had 30 seconds or less to make our case, so we understand the need to keep it interesting and get to the point. We keep our qualitative projects interesting in the field with original approaches and imaginative tasks. We make them interesting and actionable on the back end by focusing on the key insights and their implications for actionable next steps.

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Quantitative Research Services

We Focus on The Quality of the Research Design and the Usability of the Recommendations

Research Capabilities/StarPoint Consulting GroupQuick & Cheap? The dual promise of most web-based research boils down to a quick turn-around at a substantial savings over previous data collection methods. But what you gain in speed and reduced cost for data collection you may quickly lose in sample quality and analytic finesse.

Let’s Do It Right… We obsess about sample quality, and every other aspect of the research design. We have a wealth of experience in every phase of quantitative research, from sample specifications and questionnaire design, through statistical analyses and – ultimately – the presentation of actionable recommendations.

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