“Brand personality – or character – isn’t a myth. If your brand doesn’t have an identifiable personality, it may not have a pulse, either…” – Anonymous


Mapping the Metaphors Managing a brand’s personality starts with identifying the collection of metaphors – action terms, relationships, descriptors, expectations – that define the brand and the category in which it competes. For this task, projective techniques are the method of choice.


Projective Techniques: Revealing & Engaging Most experienced qualitative practitioners love projective techniques – and you should, too:

  • Projective techniques – used artfully – can reveal the full character of your brand – arguably it’s most valuable asset.
  • Projective techniques are highly engaging for research participants.
  • Finally, projective techniques, when properly analyzed, will show you the emotional underpinning of the category in which you compete, the relative positioning of your competitors, and the evolutionary options available to you.

Go Well Beyond the Ordinary Like most qualitative practitioners, we probe – where appropriate – for “brand as person”, “brand as object”, “brand as place” … and so on. We also do brand eulogies, brand parties and brand collages. The options are almost endless, but we carefully select them to ensure that we are tapping into the category’s defining structure.


Brand Personality Mapping In addition to the standard projective techniques, we have developed a small collection of unique approaches that combine projective probes with attitudinal scaling and mapping techniques. The benefit of this approach is that it provides a specific visual representation of the brand and it’s position for everyone involved in the brand management process. These maps can be used as a reference for strategic management and for eventual benchmarking activities.  (Click here for more information.)

Stay Current with Your Customer’s Perspective Brands evolve. If you would like to see how your consumers currently characterize your brand, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our approaches to this essential component of a dynamic brand.  Please contact us for additional information…