Brand Positioning & New Products

Customers must recognize that you stand for something. – Howard Schultz

Brand Positioning & New Products

Brand Positioning & New Products/StarPoint Consulting GroupStanding for something starts with having a brand – a brand that is both distinctive in the market place and linked in your target consumers’ minds to experiences they deeply value and can easily recall.

For over 25 years we have been fortunate to work with leading brands in multiple categories. In the process we have developed the theoretical grounding, the practical experience and the research techniques to strengthen your marketing program in the following areas:

Attributes, Benefits & Character

Articulating Your Brand’s Position. Brand management starts with an effective brand positioning; everything else builds off that carefully crafted platform. Our approach to brand positioning blends consumer-driven insights about the brand with brand-management perspectives to generate a broad, solid platform for sustained growth. The positioning process is both collaborative and information intensive and is intentionally reflected in the methodology we use when developing a marketing communications strategy. In addition to focusing on the functional and emotional benefits associated with the brand, we give special emphasis to the brand’s personality or character – arguably the brand’s most important equity. Read more here…

New Product Development

Expanding Your Brand’s Footprint. Vibrant brands grow by reinvesting their equities in new products and by extending their reach into new product categories. We have a solid track record of assisting clients in the development of successful new products – new products that have opened new markets or have changed the basis for competition within their category. In the process, we also have developed a unique set of tools to for the development and refinement of new product concepts, for the specification of optimal feature sets and for the promotion of innovative product designs. Learn more here…

Creating Brands that Build Traffic

Private Label Branding. In a crowded retail environment, private-label branding – done well – offers a unique opportunity to create a compelling “reason to shop” a specific retail outlet as well as to grab significant share with high margin products in high volume categories. We have extensive experience with naming, packaging, logo development and marketing strategies for both B2C and B2B private label products and services. Read more here…