Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG may look simple but – without a doubt  –  it’s the toughest assignment in marketing… – Senior Advertising Executive



During more than ten years of total emersion in packaged goods we worked on virtually every aspect of the business. Here are a few examples of typical engagements:

  • Brand & product positioning: personal care; snack foods; household cleaning products; food storage.
  • Brand extension and new product development.
  • Strategy development for brand portfolio management.
  • Advertising concept development & copy assessment.
  • Communications assessment of promotional materials.
  • Assistance with package development.
  • Custom tracking and AA&U studies.
  • Behavioral segmentation: personal care; salty snacks.

Example Clients

  • The Dial Corp Brand positioning studies; advertising development & assessment; new product development; test market monitoring; brand/product user segmentation studies; brand re-launch qualitative; new product concept explorations.
  • Johnson & Johnson New product concept exploration; expert ideation retreat.
  • Ubiquity Snack Foods Brand repositioning qualitative; new product concept explorations.
  • Clients* Brand positioning studies; new product concept development; new product concept screening; advertising strategy development; copy development qualitative.

*  Several of our clients have asked to remain anonymous.