Communications Tests

It’s not what we say that counts, it’s what they hear… It’s not what we show them, it’s what they see…

Qualitative Communications Tests

Do They Understand It? This simple question is both the rationale and the starting point for a communications test. The communications test is often the quickest and most cost effective method for determining which of several creative approaches best delivers your intended message.

How the Consumer Interprets Your Marketing Message

Asking the Right Questions The foundation of the communications test is a simple diagnostic interview that goes straight to the core of how marketing concepts are communicated and how consumer beliefs are formed and modified.  Through a series of broadly phrased, open-ended probes, a communications test progressively reveals:

  • What (if anything) is being communicated to the consumer and how well those messages are being understood …
  • What attributes, characteristics or traits (if any) are being associated with the product or service via the marketing materials …
  • Are those attributes compatible with the consumer’s core beliefs about the product or service?
  • Is the message relevant; is it perceived to be distinctive?
  • Does the overall message engage the consumer in a positive manner…?

An Element of the Larger Creative Process

Rough Copy, Illustrations, Storyboards, Work-in-progress… You don’t need finished creative materials to conduct an informative communications test. In fact, the creative process is often best served by exploring work in progress to see which copy approaches, graphic elements, tag lines or visuals show the greatest promise for best communicating your intended message.

Quick & Cost-effective

Protect Your Investment Smart media placement and great production values are obviously important for any marketing communications effort, but those investments can be wasted if the basic message isn’t being properly understood by the members of your target audience. We can help.  We have developed, inexpensive customized communications tests for:

  • Television and print advertising
  • Promotional materials (pre-prints, inserts & direct mail)
  • Packaging designs
  • Product displays

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