“I love it!  Now how do we sell it “


Getting the Story Across New products rarely sell themselves, so the final phase in a comprehensive design exercise is the development of a compelling marketing communications strategy.

The Transition from Design to Marketing/StarPoint Consulting Group

A Focus on Preference Drivers All of our concept assessment techniques are designed to reveal the key drivers of preference within the category as well as the new design’s ability to deliver against them. Consequently, all of the insights generated during the concept assessment phase can be directly translated into elements of a compelling marketing communication strategy.

Positioning Within A Competitive Setting For products with complex attribute benefit packages – appliances, consumer electronics, selected hard lines – we also have a specific technique, q-RAI, which can be used in a competitive setting with production or pre-production models to specify a hierarchy of communications objectives that will maximize preference.

A Joint Workshop As with every phase in the design process, we recommend an interactive workshop with the client product team to sift through the research findings and jointly identify the most promising options.  Working together we frame the marketing strategy.

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