The StarPoint Consulting Group provides marketing consulting and supporting research services for B2C, B2B and NPO marketing organizations.

We offer consulting services for brand positioning & new product development, for development and assessment of communications programs and for the support of design services.

We are an evidenced-based marketing consultancy. Observation is our starting point and we are equally comfortable with qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

An overview of the marketing categories in which we have long track records and extensive experience…

A short description of our operations: what we do, who we are and a list of clients we have been privileged to serve…  The “Contact Us” page is here, too!

In Defense of Qualitative Research

Qualitative is Dead. I had lunch recently with a good friend and former colleague who, like me, received his graduate training at a top-ranked Midwestern university known for its quantitative social science research programs. During our lunch he once again put forth the proposition that “Qualitative research is dead. And, besides, who needs it…?”

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