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Startup Planning

When I first read Eric Ries’ definition of a startup, I laughed out loud because I thought it was the perfect description of a full-service advertising agency – or at least the one where I worked for 10 years. Every day of the week we created new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty, and we were good at it.


Moving from quantitative clues to qualitative insights in the fashion industry.

We are primarily a quantitative shop but we often we find it helps to use qualitative approaches to triangulate something we’ve found via a quantitative approach.


In Defense of Qualitative Research

Qualitative is Dead. I had lunch recently with a good friend and former colleague who, like me, received his graduate training at a top-ranked Midwestern university known for its quantitative social science research programs. During our lunch he once again put forth the proposition that “Qualitative research is dead. And, besides, who needs it…?”

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